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Adeline Percept

« I am a senior reporter, the Paris correspondent for the belgian public network RTBF. I’ve been successively correspondent for France 24 in southern Europe (2007-2014) and senior reporter in Northern- and Eastern Europe (2014-2020). I’ve covered the major events and crisis around Europe : the financial crisis in Spain and Portugal, the migrant crisis, the Donbass invasion in 2014-15, several french presidential elections.

I did multiple in-depth investigative or immersion works in Germany, Sweden and Romania. I put all my experience at the service of major high-standard networks interested into giving a deep insight into the french society, economy and politics. »


« I lead the production branch of STORY W. I am a senior camera reporter and an accredited drone pilot in France.  I was trained as a physics engineer in materials science. I developped thin films nanostructured for far infra-red applications.

I am specialized in producing and filming science and innovation TV programmes. I have filmed in-depth and immersion reports in France, eastern and Northern Europe since 2017. »

Thomas Chantepie

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